In the Andean Region we find landscapes with many mountains, the climate, fauna and flora in this region variates according to the thermal floors. This region's name come from "La cordillera de los Andes". The Andean region is the most populated region in the country, we can fidnd the most important cities in this regios as well. Bogota which is the capital of Colombia, Medellin and Cali are known as the gold triangle. In this region we can find the Tatacoa Desert and the Cocora Valley.
Andes Tatacoa
The traditional plates are changua, tamal, ajiaco, lechona and bandeja paisa. Those typical plates are the ones who chracterized Colombia the most.
BandejaPaisa Tamal
The typical dances and rhythms are: San Juanero, Bambuco, Pasillo, Guabina and Guanena.
San Juanero Pasillo