The Caribbean region is the most known region in Colombia, because of it's coasts, the temperature of the seas and also the attractions offered in this region. For example is on that region where Cartagena is located, the old city is the most attractive side, specially because of it’s architecture, history and culture. Another important attractive place is the Tayrona Natural Park in which there is the higher mountain located in a coast, over that place there are activities like walks, snorkeling, visit the natives cities and enjoy the beautiful beach. Upper of Cartagena it’s San Andres and Providencia, two Colombian islands that have, for sure, the most amazing sea, the one of the seven colors and also a huge amount of marine species to explore under the sea.
Mar Siete Colores Providencia
The main food of that region is a little bit predictable, because of it’s location, specially fish and every food that’s taken from the sea, also the coconut rice, and fried plantain. Another important food is the arepa de huevo, which is a fat corn tortilla filled with an egg.
PlatoCaribe Arepa
The caribbean culture is also characterized by their main traditional dances, like the cumbia, bullerengue, porro, fandango and mapale.
Juana Juanaa