The Orinoco Region is mostly known as the Oriental plains of Colombia. This region is recognized because it includes the eastern plains and accompanied by the Orinoco River, this region has important influence of the livestock activity and also, because the river, the hydric activities are important for the economy of that region. The main cities on that region are Villavicencio, Yopal, Arauca, Granada, Tame, Puerto Carreño and Acacías. The tourism is important in this region because the authenticity of the landscapes, for example Caño Cristales, this a phenomenon in a river that has colored aquatic leaves or algae’s that make the river look with many colors.
Llanos Cristales
As it was said before, the cattle raising is very important, so many activities turn around that, for example it is a special time of the year in which the ranchers ride a horse and try to catch the cow from the tail, that’s called coleo, another activity, because the huge river that the region has, the fishing is another activity that people use to do when they go to that side of the country.
Coleo Coleoo
The culture is also very wide, there are many traditional dances and music that makes that region special. In terms of dances, the main one is the Joropo but also El Pasaje, Seis por derecho and Galeron.
Joropo Joropo